Horticulture Perlite

Perlite is used in soil mixes including peat moss, compost, bark, coir, or in native soils. It's porous surface provides space for air and water within the soil to aid an optimal root system. 

Benefits of Horticulture Perlite

·         Perlite is inorganic, it will not deteriorate in the soil but will continue to function for many years.
·         Eliminates water ponding and surface crusting
·         Helps plant roots penetrate soil more easily and develop more fully
·         Improves aeration and drainage.
·         Makes moisture and nutrients readily available to plants.
·         Has essentially neutral pH of 6.5 to 7.5.
·         Serves as an insulator to reduce extreme soil temperature fluctuations.
·         Is sterile and free of weeds and disease.
·         Is clean, odorless, lightweight, and safe to handle.