Horticulture Perlite

Due to the porous physical structure it is an effective aggregate for horticulture growing mixes or, by itself, as a medium in hydroponic growing and rooting medium. The primary role of expanded perlite in soil less mixes, such as peat moss, composts, coir and other water water-holding aggregates is that it aerates the mix by provided room for both air and water.  Different particle sizes offer growers various amounts of needed air space after drainage. It has been successfully used in virtually all horticulture applications including glass-house growing, landscaping, lawn and stadium turf and in a variety of container applications. Time and time again it has proven its superiority in meeting the needs of commercial growers and home gardeners.

When added to heavy clay soils, water ponding and surface crusting may be eliminated. In addition, plant roots may more easily penetrate the perlite/soil growing media and develop more fully. It can be particularly advantageous in modifying the structure of general garden soil, patio plantings and roofs capes. Usage rates by volume vary from 5% to 40% for potting mixes, and as high as 75% to 100% in green roofs and hydroponics applications.

Our most common product is our Horticulture Grade which is also often called Coarse Perlite. We have the ability to screen the product insuring the smaller particles are separated away depending on the grower’s specifications. An example of one of our commonly used screened grades is our Plug Grade. Our Plug Grade is screened through a +10 mesh screen. Because it is lightweight and fine it is an excellent product for seed-starting and rooting medium for cuttings.


Sieve Analysis for Screened Hort


Extensive testing over a period of years has documented the superiority of perlite over other methods of hydroponic cultures. For example, tomato crops hydroponically grown in perlite have produced yields 7% higher than crops grown in rockwool.  In addition to significantly increased yields, perlite culture is particularly easy to manage and offers additional benefits. Horticulture perlite provides more constant status around the roots at all times irrespective of weather or stage of root growth. It also ensures more even watering insuring less likelihood of over-watering.




Packaging Options:

  • 4 cubic foot bags (approximately 25 lbs) maximum 33 bags per pallet
  • 64 cubic foot bags (approximately 250 lbs) maximum 2 bags per pallet
  • Hydroponic bags (10.5” X 46”) maximum 50 bags per pallet