Our Pre-coat perlite is used for filter aids which is lightweight, inert, impart and has no taste or odor to the liquids being filtered. It is virtually insoluble in mineral and organic acids at all temperatures. Solubility in strong alkaline solutions varies depending on temperature and contact time.  It can be used with either pressure or vacuum filtration equipment. At the end of the filter cycle perlite filter cakes remain porous and do not compact.  They build up under pressure and release easier when Pre-coat perlite is used which potentially reduces manpower requirements, and increases productivity. Pre-coat filter aids have gained acceptance in almost every industry concerned with separation of liquids and solids along with gasses and solids. They are being used in in many applications such as food processing, water treatments, oil & solvent recovery, waste disposal and more.

Packaging Options:

  • 4 cubic foot plastic or paper bags (approximately 30 lbs) maximum 30 bags per pallet
  • We are not capable of packaging in bulk bags

Please note that when ordering paper bags there could be a 2-week lead time, due to the fact we do not keep in stock. Product is bagged by approximate weight of 30 pounds and not by volume.

Steel & Foundry Applications

Perlite can be found to be useful in a wide variety of industrial applications. Foundries take advantage of our Masterlite Perlite for its high temperature performance to improve energy efficiency. It is used as an insulting cover on the surface of molten metal to prevent excessive heat loss during delays in pouring; to top off ingots; to produce refractory blocks and bricks; and in important foundry applications such as lightweight constable’s.

Our Slagtrap is used to collect slag from molten steel.

Packaging Options:

4 cubic foot bags (approximately 20-25 lbs) maximum 33 bags per pallet

64 cubic foot bags (approximately 250 lbs) maximum 2 bags per pallet

Slagtrap: 2000 lbs bags 1 per pallet